• What is an effective sign?

    What is an effective sign?

    Despite improvements in traffic safety over the past decade, several current trends reduce the ability of traffic signs to provide guidance and safety—making signs that return more light to drivers more important than ever.

    How important are brighter signs?
    A study from the University of Iowa found a direct relationship between a sign’s brightness and a driver’s ability to see the sign and its message. Study participants were able to read and understand brighter signs substantially faster.2 This study suggests that brighter signs require less eyes-off-the-road time, leaving drivers more focused on the task of driving—an especially important advantage when driving at night.

    Accommodating older drivers
    By 2020, more than 50 million people 65 years of age and older will be driving— about one in every five drivers. Vision, which provides 85 percent of the information necessary to drive, deteriorates with age, so an aging driving population creates the need for more visible road signs.

    Do more with less
    3M helps traffic engineers achieve safety and efficiency goals by offering an excellent life cycle value so agencies can do more with less. 3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG³ Reflective Sheeting is one of the most sustainable and efficient sign sheetings on the market, with an industry-leading expected life of 12 years. It also can help traffic agencies reduce maintenance and energy expenses by eliminating guide sign lighting where advantageous.