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    Live webinar: 5 expert tips to improve your cleaning processes

    mei 18, 2022

    • Live webinar: 5 expert tips to improve your cleaning processes

      In today’s challenging business environment, safe and sustainable precision cleaning solutions have a key role to play helping you optimise your processes and resources to gain efficiencies. In this webinar, our experts will share five tips to help you improve your cleaning results, covering high-tech materials, technology and application solutions.
      An alternative to a water-based precision cleaning process is a solvent solution using 3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluids. These high-performance fluids have a low surface tension to meet your residue-free needs and a favourable environmental profile with a short atmospheric lifetime and low Global Warming Potential.

      Expert tips you can expect

      • You will learn how to optimise your cleaning processes using 3M Novec fluids as a proven, water-free solution. Get expert tips on how your cleaning processes can be optimised by reducing solvent use and energy consumption.
      • Understand how a winning combination of 3M Novec fluids and ultrasonic cleaning technology from MEG delivers advanced cleaning results and an easy-to-use and low maintenance process, resulting in reliable and cost-effective cleaning solutions.
      • KEMET, the precision finishing specialists can help you find the right cleaning process for any challenge. They support customers by finding the best solution to fit their needs, be it cleaning results, process time, residue-free processes or cost reductions.

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      Take your cleaning processes to the highest level
      Start your process improvement journey today by visiting our precision cleaning web page. Explore the benefits of a water-free cleaning process that can achieve cost, energy usage and cycle time reductions by visiting our new web page.

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